Trade Show Graphics: The Foundation of Trade Show Booth Design

Trade show graphics are a fundamental part of your trade show booth design. With this in mind, think about hiring a graphic designer who specializes in trade show booth graphics. This person will have a better understanding of the dynamic nature of trade show display design, and you can work with them to create a comprehensive set of trade show graphics that flow throughout your entire display.

Having a clear, straightforward goal and message is the first step to great trade show booth design. “At ADM Two, we love working with trade show graphics designers. They help make the process a lot smoother, and the clients tend to be happier with the final product,” says Susan Canonico.

Trade Show Graphics Tips

Create a dynamic experience for your potential customers using some of the below tips.

  1. Remember every level – There are multiple points of view in every trade show booth, from floor level to eye level to higher up. Place important information higher up on trade show banners so people can see them from across the room. This is your first opportunity to draw attention to your trade show display, so make it big – and impressive.
  2. Avoid clutter and too much information – People have short attention spans and no one likes to look at a cluttered page. Keep it simple and to the point by getting your message across in less than 15 seconds.
  3. High quality graphics – Make sure all images are of the highest quality. If the images on your trade show banners are blurry or pixelated, this will look amateur or careless. No one wants to work with a careless person.
  4. Measure – Be sure to measure everything. If your graphics aren’t the right size for the monitor or trade show banners, they may get distorted or cut off. Even amazing graphics can look terrible if they are displayed on the wrong size monitor.
  5. Color – Colorful, vibrant trade show graphics can be a major asset to the overall feel of your trade show display. Make sure they are printing correctly, they don’t clash, and they aren’t overwhelming. This is where a professional trade show graphics designer will be essential. He or she can help decide a color scheme that will align with your goals and your brand.
  6. Font – A font sends a message before the person is even finished reading the message itself. Don’t overdo it, and make sure to choose a font that sends the right message. Graphic designers are great at this.
  7. Impact – You want your trade show graphics to have an impact on attendees. Work with your graphic designer to make sure you are standing out from the crowd.
trade show graphics example

The graphics for this trade show booth are colorful and emphasize the company’s brand.

Creating an exciting and engaging trade show booth starts with great trade show graphics and booth design. ADM Two staff are experts on trade show displays, so give us a call at (813) 887-1960, and one of our knowledgeable staff can assist you with your display needs. Also, check out some of our other articles to get more information on trade show booth design, lighting and etiquette.