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Technology: Do Tradeshow Attendees Really Use It?

trade show technology

Technology for tradeshows has evolved beyond simple displays and digital banners. Today, exhibitors use tablets and applications to engage with more people and gain more leads. What’s even more exciting is that these advances in technology contribute to the attendee experience rather than take away from it.

Attendees want to be impressed. They want to learn more about products and services that can help them succeed. They want to cut through all of the clutter and find the companies that are right for them. Some of the latest technology offerings can give them the chance to interact with your brand and in a new and unique way, and make it more seamless and efficient for them to find the right product for their business.

All the latest in high-tech gadgets can be expensive, such as VR headsets that start around $600 for a high-quality set. Another gadget that is sure to impress – high quality 3D printers that start around $1,350. This begs the question, is it worth the investment?

Let Them Know When and Where

The use of technology begins before the tradeshow, primarily during pre-show marketing campaigns. Emails can point them in the direction of event apps and web pages that can set appointments, as well as help keep track of pre-qualified booth traffic.

This continues during the show, where apps and smart phones increase engagement. These also spark conversations in the booth, as well as on social media. Research shows us that event professionals rely on social media for special promotions to attract even more attendees to their booth. If you can guarantee that enough people will be interacting with your tradeshow booth, it’s probably worth it to spend the extra money to wow them.


Touch screens, RFID, VR, and smart phones can engage booth attendees with interactive product demos and individualized presentations. The booth transforms into a brand experience and leaves memorable impressions. The more interactive your attendees are, the more apt they are to share their information and need for products and services.

Coming in closely behind your website, events and tradeshows are the second most effective marketing tool for your company. Digital signage and presentations are actually cost-saving, because they are customizable for every show. Plus, technology brings a sophisticated look to any booth design.

The Proof Is in the Leads

When you incorporate more technology in your tradeshow marketing, you’ll increase engagement. This quickly translates to generating more qualified leads, expanding your network, and creating a buzz around your brand.

If you’re looking to update or upgrade your exhibit with more technology, the ADM Two staff are experts on display design and fabrication, so give us a call at (813) 887-1960 and one of our knowledgeable staff can assist you with your tradeshow needs, no matter where your event takes place. Also, check out some of our other articles to get more information on trade show booth layouttrade show graphics, and etiquette.


ADM Two Year in Review

Happy New Year! We are excited to usher in the new year, but also proud of a lot of what we did in 2017  – here are just a few highlights of our year:

2/9/17 – This corporate sign installation for CX Insurance:

cx insurance corporate sign led lights

2/17/17 – In-shop, behind the scenes photo of the counters we fabricated for Hackney:

custom counters hackney

3/13/17 – Tony Ricci and Shannon Bennett headed to Las Vegas for the Exhibitor Show! Breakfast with the beMatrix was a great time!

las vegas exhibitor trade show tony shannonbe matrix

3/17/17 – Our 30th Anniversary tribute blog article:

5/15/17 – We worked on a custom retail sales lighting display for Volt, which is displayed in some Costco stores.

volt lighting kit fabricationvolt lighting kit

6/8/17 – Install of MyAppointment booth at the Premier Beauty Show in Orlando, FL.

my appointments beauty trade show booth installation

7/21/17 – We donated school supplies at Fox 13 Tampa for Stuff the Bus.

donating school supplies

7/31/17 – We participated in the Dunedin Historical Museum groundbreaking in preparation for the new exhibit that we would be collaborating to fabricate.

dunedin historical society museum renovation dunedin historical society groundbreaking

9/13/17 – One of our project managers installed Midlab trade show booth at ISSA Las Vegas – we had to fly her out early to get ahead of Hurricane Irma!

trade show booth installation vegas

10/18/17 – We hosted the Ultimate Mixer at the ADM Two warehouse. Creatives from organizations all over Tampa Bay, including American Advertising Federation, Society for Marketing Professional Services, Legal Marketing Association,  Public Relations Society of America, Ad2 Tampa Bay, and American Institute or Architects gathered together to play games, meet each other, and win prizes at this fun and relaxing event.

Click here to see the full Ultimate Mixer photo album.

trade show fabrication team

11/13/17 – The ADM2 Team had a blast at the opening weekend of Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida. Our team was honored to work on such a cool project. The exhibit is on view through April 1st. Make sure to do the audio tour for added insight.

star wars costume exhibit fabrication

11/15/17 – ADM2 was happy to help out the girls of Kappa Alpha Theta at the University of Central Florida create a cute photo backdrop at their TOTOGS event raising funds for BGCA – The Boys and Girls Club of America.

adm two fundraising kappa alpha

11/15/17 – We donated a charging station and sponsor wall to Trinity Cafe. November was a busy month for us! Trinity Cafe’s mission is to restore a sense of dignity to the homeless and hungry while serving a nutritious meal. It’s a great cause that we were eager to support.

trinity cafe wall plaques

trinity cafe signage


11/15/17 – 11/19/17 – ADM Two was proud to sponsor Et Cultura Festival with charging stations, signage, banners and more – here’s our wrap-up story.

et cultura music festival charging station

12/1/17 – We custom built a Christmas Tree with Wilkins Media for Experience Kissimmee at Curtis Hixon Park Tree Lighting. Check out the video!

fabrication christmas tree custom fabrication christmas tree

Consider Your Audience

To get the most return on your tradeshow investment, you need to connect with the audience. How you connect with them begins with knowing who they are and what they like.

Tradeshow Demographics

Almost every tradeshow can provide some background on the attendees. These audience profiles are typically posted to the websites and may include:

  • Profession
  • Job level
  • Age
  • Income

There may be more information available on the audience. This may cost extra, but it’s worth it, especially if you are exhibiting for the first time.

The General Audience

There are certain generalizations you can make about the audience and what they like or dislike. Younger audiences are much more likely to engage with technology (although this is quickly changing). For example, Millennials are considered to be “digital natives.” Their entire life has been surrounded by technology. They will also give personal information more freely.

Older audiences use technology a little differently. They are attracted to easy navigation, a compelling story, and no frills. They are also more apt to engage face-to-face, investigate, then follow up through email.

Professionals Are People, Too

While looking at the audience profile, remember that professionals are people, just like everyone else. An interesting booth will generate more interest and spread awareness about your brand.

Interactivity is a great way for everyone to experience your brand in a fun and challenging way. Another thing to think about is where your booth is located. If your booth is in an odd location, then play to the strengths of being unique. For example, you’re in the middle of the showroom, try offering visitors water and snacks to help them get to the finish.

ocean optics hybrid trade show booth demo_small

This Ocean Optics trade show booth had several stations with demonstrations and interactive sessions. It was pretty incredible and fascinating!

Make It Memorable

For anyone attending the same show, year-after-year, it can feel monotonous. Making your booth an experience, and not just an information depot, can leave your audience with memorable impressions about your brand. This is very important for brand recall and positive associations.

If you’re looking to exhibit your business at a trade show, the ADM Two staff are experts on display design and fabrication. Give us a call at (813) 887-1960 and one of our knowledgeable staff can assist you with your tradeshow needs, no matter where your event takes place. Also, check out some of our other articles to get more information on trade show booth layouttrade show graphics, and etiquette.


The Biggest Trade Shows in 2018

trade shows 2018With the holiday season upon us, 2018 is just around the corner and it looks to be a banner year for trade shows. Last year, attendance has increased year-over-year at the top trade shows, because trade shows continue to attract audiences with the intention to make connections and buy products.

It’s ironic that one of the biggest reasons for the gains in popularity is the ever-growing digital economy. Face-to-face meetings with potential and current customers has become much more important to solidify relationships. We have compiled a list of some of the biggest trade shows and expos in their respective industries. Simply click the link for more information about each show.

Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas, NV January
ITEXPO – Office Ft. Lauderdale, FL Februrary
SXSW – Innovations Austin, TX March
ISC West – Security Las Vegas, NV April
RSA Conference – Security San Francisco, CA April
CEDIA – Home Electronics San Diego, CA September


Health Care
HiMSS 18 – Information Systmes Las Vegas, NV March
ENDO 2018 – Endocrinology Chicago, IL March
AACR Annual Meeting – Cancer Research Washington, DC April
FIME Show – Business Orlando, FL July
AHIMA – All Health Care Professionals Miami, FL September


IBS 2018 – National Home Builders Orlando, FL January
World of Concrete Las Vegas, NV January
AIA – Architects New York, NY June
Greenbuild International Conference – Sustainability Chicago, IL November
Construction Super Conference – Commercial / Legal Las Vegas, NV December


MSA 2018 FORWARD – Retail Washington, DC April
MuseumExpo – AAM Annual Meeting Phoenix, AZ May
Museum Connections – Retail Paris, France January

If you’re looking to exhibit your business at one of these or other trade shows, the ADM Two staff are experts on display design and fabrication, so give us a call at (813) 887-1960 and one of our knowledgeable staff can assist you with your tradeshow needs, no matter where your event takes place. Also, check out some of our other articles to get more information on trade show booth layouttrade show graphics, and etiquette.


Current Trends in Museum Exhibits

Technology has changed the way we interact with the world. Because of it, both young and old are drawn to more interactive events that are fun and challenging. These changes have affected how museums engage with their visitors and make lasting impressions for years to come. Below are a few of the current trends in museum exhibits that reflect these changes.

Fewer Gadgets, More Experiences

Technology continues to change how members and visitor engage with gallery experiences. But, having technology in the museum is not a new trend, however, the breadth of use of technology has changed to include social media, mobile applications, and augmented reality. Plus, one of the latest trends facilitated by technology is gift giving. All of these are driven by mobile phones, so visitors can continue their museum experiences beyond the front doors and bring it home with them.

Keep It Local

Our digital world has given us a global perspective, which is why museums need to develop a sense of place for visitors to personally connect with the exhibits. Their relevance and value come from the history and culture found at their location. Focusing on place is also a way for museums to distinguish themselves among others, because they are rooted in the unique nature of their community.

Engaging the Senses

In our ever-increasing virtual world, museums need to embrace the use of real-world materials and everyday objects within their exhibits. Holding and manipulating everyday objects is an important way to engage our senses and deepen our learning. Everyday objects carry stories of invention and adaptation, hold information about how the world works, and present possibilities for a deeper understanding of the concepts presented.

interactive museum display

This engaging display can be found at Suncoast Youth Conservation Center museum exhibits.

Another way to engage the senses is through maker spaces and the crafting movement in museum exhibits. This is a level of interactivity, where members and visitors become self-directed learners. It’s also a great way to have social engagement between staff and patrons. Plus, there are a wide range of materials and tools to fit budgets, while promoting exploration through design and building.

And More Engagement

The latest trends for museums to embrace may involve revitalization of current exhibits to fit the needs of their visitors. Changes in display design and fabrication can go a long way in captivating the audience—making positive experiences.

If you’re looking to exhibit your business at one of these or other trade shows, the ADM Two staff are experts on display design and fabrication, so give us a call at (813) 887-1960 and one of our knowledgeable staff can assist you with your tradeshow needs, no matter where your event takes place. Also, check out some of our other articles to get more information on trade show booth layouttrade show graphics, and etiquette.


Et Cultura Festival Wrap-Up

For the second year in a row, we sponsored Et Cultura Festival in St. Petersburg, FL. This festival is full of interactive sessions, film, music, art and crafts. There was something for everyone! We attended several of the five-day festival’s events, but there was so much going on that we couldn’t possibly see everything. It was a great time, very educational, and lots of fun.

et cultura festival sponsor signage banners trade show

As we walked around, we saw lots of our banners and signage all over the event. These pieces really added color, helped to brand the festival in public spaces, and helped people get around! There are many purposes for signage, especially in the case of Et Cultura, since the footprint of the festival spans much of downtown St. Petersburg and beyond.

et cultura music festival charging station

This year, there were presentations about plant-based nutrition by leading experts in the field, there were gardening showcases and presentations, presentations about elevating education in low income urban areas, affordable housing, and youth development. At one point, they set up a half-pipe and had professional skate boarders and BMX bikers doing tricks. We provided signage and banners to spice up the half pipe. There were concerts at some of the largest venues in St. Pete, including The State Theatre and Jannus Live. Award winning documentary films were screened at Sundial Muvico, and art shows were held at the Morean Center for Clay, the Morean Arts Center, and The Gallery. Needless to say, St. Pete came alive for those five days, and we can’t wait to see what Et Cultura holds in store for us next year.

ADM Two are experts in event signage and displays. Next time you have a music or film festival, give us a call for your signage and VIP area needs.

ADM Two Hosts Ultimate Mixer Tampa Bay

We had the idea to host an event, but wanted to really make it something interesting and unique – not your average mixer or networking event. After a lot of brainstorming and some reflection, we remembered something that used to be pretty big (and exciting) in the Tampa Bay Area – The Ultimate Mixer. The Ultimate Mixer is a collection of all the area’s creative and marketing organizations in one room – truly the ultimate mixer!! So we decided to get everyone together again for the first time in many years for another Ultimate Mixer.

Because we are a display designer and fabricator, we had to bring our “A Game” when it came to the presentation of the space. Just a few of the accouterments that we put together to transform our warehouse from rugged workspace into elegant night club:

event design UltimateMixer-21

  • We printed each organization’s name on our favorite display tables – they are standing tables that have a taller profile and with the logos printed on the front rather than table throws or cloths, we were able to keep a uniformity of appearance for this row of tables that was super streamlined and pleasing to look at. Organizations included Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS Tampa Bay), American Advertising Federation (AAF Tampa Bay), American Institute of Architects (AIA Tampa Bay), Ad 2 Tampa Bay, Legal Marketing Association Tampa, and Public Relations Society of America (PRSA Tampa Bay).

SMPS Event Table

  • We partitioned the space with super long, dark curtains with up-lighting for a dramatic effect.
  • We had floor stickers with marketing and architectural facts to cater to the many organizations that had a presence.

floor decals event

  • We sectioned off some areas using carpeting and couches to create mini-spaces within the larger spaces, almost like living rooms.
  • We had games! There were two places to play Giant Jenga and there was a corn hole section.

branded corn holesleek elegant event furniture

  • Our bars and much of our furniture were sleek white or gray, which was beautiful and elegant in combination with the multi-colored accent lights and the various colors of up-lighting.
  • We provided a step & repeat for photos so our guests could feel special for the evening.

step and repeat printed graphic

  • We brought a natural feel to the environment with some greenery – large green shrubs on either side of the step and repeat, which always adds a warm feel to any space.
  • Large printed wall graphics added a beautiful backdrop to the entire space, making it feel lively and fun.
  • Printed signs hanging from the ceiling added geometry to the overhead space.
  • The DJ Booth was on a glowing stage with a large screen behind – adding to the club-like atmosphere and giving this side of the room a focal point.

digital signage screen

The choices we made for the interior design of this event were both a way of welcoming our guests and helping them feel at home, as well as a showcase of our abilities. We don’t just design great trade show booths – we can transform any space into an inviting, beautiful space for events, conferences and meetings.

ADM Two staff are experts on event space design and fabrication, so give us a call at (813) 887-1960 and one of our knowledgeable staff can assist you with your design, no matter where your event takes place. Also, check out some of our other articles to get more information on trade show booth layouttrade show graphics, and etiquette.

How Cutting-Edge Interactive Displays are Improving Human Resources

Anyone who’s been to a trade show in recent years knows booths and exhibits have never been more interactive and high-tech.

Now it appears all kinds of companies are developing a taste for using similar whiz-bang interactive displays in offices and other workplaces for human resources-related purposes. Indeed, when St. Petersburg, Florida-based national electrical contractor Power Design, several years ago, was looking for a better way to teach employees about all aspects of what the company does and why, it turned to local exhibit designer and builder ADM Two Exhibits and Displays.

Though mostly known in years past for its museum and trade show exhibits, the firm is fast finding a new (and growing) niche in creating interactive exhibits used to educate company employees about all manner of goods and services. The female-founded and led company has recently fashioned everything from high-tech “membership experience rooms” for credit unions, to “employment engagement” areas for health care outfits aimed at helping keep staff up on changing HR-related issues.

“Interacting with HR used to mean you were in trouble,” joked Shannon Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing at ADM Two. “But these days, employees are coming to realize that HR is really about helping employees be as good at, and happy with, their jobs as possible. And interactive display technologies are fast becoming one of the best ways for HR to do this.”

Fast-growing Power Design’s task for ADM Two: help them find a better way to keep their 8,000 employees current on all manner of innovations in electrical contracting work, as well as bring new hires quickly up to speed.

Power Design Interactive Displays

The result is Power Design’s new Best Practices in Action Training Center. Occupying the better part of several large rooms, the interactive display training center uses everything from large computerized touch-screens, to mock-ups of various electrical wiring scenarios, to instruct employees on all aspects of the company’s design and work. With umpteen interactive quizzes, and videos of real and augmented-reality depictions of technical tasks, the center takes participants from concept to completion of every type of project the company handles.

Interactive Display


ADM Two to Fabricate Main Gallery Exhibits for Dunedin History Museum

Dunedin, Fla. (July 8, 2017) – ADM Two Exhibits & Displays will work alongside Pattie Smith at Frina Design to fabricate the exhibits for the interior of the main galleries for the Dunedin History Museum.

history museum renovation

The new exhibit will feature various topics including the history of Dunedin and its initial settlement and heritage, history of Caladesi and Honeymoon Islands, Clark Mills Sailing Prams, Citrus Groves and railroad.

“This is the first time in over twenty years that the Museum has made major changes to these galleries in order to best present the history of Dunedin. It’s an important step,” says Dunedin History Museum director, Vincent Luisi.

dunedin history museum renovation

About ADM Two

ADM Two was founded in 1987, and since then has emerged as a respected leader in exhibit design and fabrication. Serving an expansive range of clients throughout the museum, trade show, corporate, and retail industries, ADM Two continues to foster the deep appreciation for innovation and craftsmanship that the organization was founded on. For more information, visit

About Dunedin History Museum

The mission of the Dunedin History Museum is to enrich community pride by sharing Dunedin’s legacy and heritage, to collect and preserve the historical artifacts and documents of Dunedin, and to foster quality intergenerational learning and historical exhibits. The Dunedin History Museum maintains its collections and exhibits conforming to the American Alliance of Museum standards. To learn more, visit

Case Study: Brain Harmony Portable Display

trade show product kiosk

When it comes to solving portable display needs, people often assume that smaller projects are always easier, but such is not the case. In many cases, as in the case with the Brain Harmony display, we wanted to create something with a big impact, but that could be transported via a personal vehicle and set up by one person.

Making a big impact is actually much easier with a large booth and budget for customization. In that case, we can pull out all the stops, using whatever materials we want and putting together unique pieces and visuals that really allow a brand to stand strong in the trade show. Not only did the display need to be portable, it needed to have easy to change graphics that could be switched out in the field, on the spot.

We decided to use the Xpressions portable multi-graphic panel pop-up system. This portable display allows the graphics to stay attached to the frame for storage, plus the hardware is super lightweight, an essential for a one person setup. If you look at the final display though, it’s quite impactful and beautiful! We used large, exceptional photographs for effect, keeping the supporting graphics and text simple for a tasteful presentation. The photographs were already a part of the Brain Harmony media library, so they were not shot specifically for this project. For that reason, we had to do some manipulation to a few of the photos to maintain consistency in the layout, but the result is a seamless graphic piece that really stands out!

portable display brain harmony

Brain Harmony’s mission is to provide the most powerful and proven therapy to help children and adults with learning and performance difficulties. From sensory processing, attention & regulation, autism spectrum and all types of neurological dysfunction, Brain Harmony is focused on accelerated outcomes, support to the families, access to care and helping our friends to become their greatest selves. They see clients in a clinic setting as well as at home through a unique video coaching program. Further focused on getting more families access to care, Brain Harmony educates and coaches other health care and academic professionals. We truly enjoyed working with them on this project and think the final portable display was a great visual for their mission.

ADM Two staff are experts on portable display design and fabrication, so give us a call at (813) 887-1960 and one of our knowledgeable staff can assist you with your display, no matter where your event takes place. Also, check out some of our other articles to get more information on trade show booth layouttrade show graphics, and etiquette.